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It Begins…

Well then, today I have created Byte Control.

The URL I originally wanted was taken but for now I simply want a free WordPress URL until I get the site fully up and running so a “1” was put in front of my original name suggestion.


I am James Bralant, owner of this fine WordPress blog and hope to make something good of it. The main goal of the site is to upload all the content I create in my third and (hopefully) final year of University here at UCA Farnham. This can include blogs much like this, change logs for the site as well as actual content comprising of video reviews/previews, worded reviews/previews, the occasional Let’s Play and the main feature, the weekly show Byte Control.

One thing I want to do on a regular basis is a weekly gaming show similar to that of BBC’s Click, Rooster Teeth’s AHWU (Achievement Hunter Weekly Update) or IGN’s Daily Fix. I will be utilising the facilities of my Uni which includes an almost soundproof  TV studio with a ridiculous Green Screen. The cameras in the studios won’t be used as they are standard definition 4:3 cameras that won’t be as well appreciated as a HD picture, of which I have a camera to suit. Microphones that are already in the studio will be used, and the show will be shot “as live” meaning some, but little editing will be done after the show is shot.

I won’t be the only one creating this content, a should have a few friends help along the way, especially with the weekly show. I aim to be the main presenter but possibly changing the show’s format in the following weeks, trying out different techniques such as more presenters, different running orders and so on.

I’ve chosen the free layout “Mystique” by digitalnature for this site because I think it looks professional, stylish and non-default all at the same time with a great amount of editing options for free.

Right, that’s the short and sweet, here’s the Twitter @Byte_Control, Reddit /r/bytecontrol and the obligatory Facebook page /ByteControl. I hope to upload the logo that I have drafted at some point in the future (shown below!)

Talk soon.