Meanwhile, as I render…

Rendering is a bitch, especially when it’s a 20 minute video.

Shortly I will be uploading a Let’s Play of Sonic Unleashed, starring myself and Matt Leslie. It will be something we do on a semi-regular basis but not something that will take preference over other works.

My good friend Tom Ingram has been doing a bit of drafting with the site’s logo and possible banner font, again, this is just a draft but I think it looks pretty good! Still want to get the “controller” into the logo somewhere but it’s definitely a stepping stone. Tell me what you think.


Yes, it’s heavily Sonic orientated but it doesn’t look terrible in any way but may give off the wrong impression if I wanted to branch out into tech, as well as gaming (something I have thought about recently).

I want to start uploading daily. Starting off with some random video game clips that I find interesting as well as writing a few news stories again on a daily basis, to give the site some substance. Showcasing clips is easy, entertaining and could bring more traffic into the site.

Still need to continue with the main show planning. It’s on my to-do list.


About James Bralant

I am a computer games enthusiast with a passion for writing various article styles on a variety of topics. I currently publish my work on (as well as here), under the username "TheGingerKid".

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